Brygarth Shetland Ponies

Shetland ponies born and bred in the Shetland Isles. Brygarth is our stud full of almost 50 Shetland ponies. All with names of course! This page is dedicated to our half of the stud.

Beth and I a couple months back

- Helen

Just to let everyone know, since I am now away from home, studying at college, I only get to go home and visit the ponies every couple of months.

To keep you guys interested in the blog I added my sister, Bryony, as an admin and she’ll hopefully add the odd photo when she has some free time, just to keep this blog going while I’m away :)

So make her feel welcome guys!

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Took this on my trip home to get a break from college. Missed the ponies and the scenery here
Last photo of Nike before I left home. And she sticks her tongue out at me.
I’m leaving home to study at college doing textiles and it meant saying bye to my babies. Will miss this one in particular. Love you Nike <3 I’ll see you at Christmas
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So tomorrow, David Cameron will be privileged enough to get to meet the ponies. ;)

We better make sure they’re on their best behaviour!

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